The American Revolution
american revolution
American Revolution Research
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Links for overview of history era:
Cost of food items 1900's
Food Timeline of 1800's
Cost of gas over time
Value of One Dollar
Guide to US Presidents
Our Presidents
Life Expectancy
Average Income in 2012

The Nation Moves West

The Nation Moves West Videos and Activities:
Lewis and Clark BrainPop
Going West with Lewis and Clark
Time Machine: 1805
Remember the Alamo quiz
Interactive Map on Westward Expansion
Gold Rush BrainPop Video
Getting to the Gold Rush
Rush for Gold
The Nation Moves West Research:
Louisiana Purchase
The Story of the Alamo
Alamo People and Events
Oregon Trail
Life on the Trail
Oregon Trail Ecosystems
Gold Rush
The California Gold Rush
EyeWitness to History, Donner Party
Life for Kids on Oregon Trail
Life for kids during the Gold Rush

Slavery Videos and Activities:
Slavery BrainPop
Underground Railroad BrainPop
Write a Secret Letter
Compare the North Vs. South
Pathways to Freedom
Interactive Underground Railroad
Slavery Research:
Growing up in Slavery
Slavery Slideshow
Underground Railroad Slideshow
A New Life of Freedom Slideshow
African Americans after Slavery
African American Slavery
The Emancipation Proclamation
Schooling of Slaves
Cost of items in 1850 value of a dollar
African American soldiers in the Civil War
History of Colored Troops in the Civil War
Ending Slavery in America
Life on a Plantation

The Civil War

The Civil War Videos and Activities:
Civil War Causes BrainPop
Civil War BrainPop
Abraham Lincoln's Crossroads
Civil War quiz
Abraham Lincoln Video
Abraham Lincoln Quick Quiz
Time Machine: 1863
The Civil War Research:
What caused the Civil War?
Civil War for 5th graders
The Gettysburg Address
EyeWitness to the American Civil War
Civil War Timeline
Civil War for kids
EyeWitness to History, President Lincoln is Shot
Sherman's March to the Sea

Crossing the Continent
Crossing the Continent Videos and Activities:
Wounded Knee Massacre BrainPop
Trail of Tears BrainPop
Build a sod house
Rail, Sail, or Overland Mail
The Great Railroad Race
Texas Ranch House
Crossing the Continent Research:
EyeWitness to History Shoot out with "Wild Bill" Hickok
EyeWitness to History, Pony Express
Pony Express
The Iron Road
Chinese-American Contribution to the Railroad
Trail of Tears
The Plains
Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane
Schooling in 1870

Great Depression


Great Depression Videos and Activities:
Great Depression Causes BrainPop
Great Depression BrainPop
Dust Bowl Video
New Deal BrainPop
Time Machine: 1935
Farming in the 1930's
Great Depression Research:
EyeWitness to History, The Wall Street Crash
EyeWitness to History, Migrant Mother
Life on the Farm 1930's
What caused the Dust Bowl?
The Dust Bowl of Oklahoma
The Great Depression and the New Deal
The New Deal
Nebraska schooling in Great Depression

World War I and II

World War I and II Videos and Activities:
World War I BrainPop
World War II BrainPop
Time Machine: 1943
Remembering Pearl Harbor
World War I and II Research:
Why did US enter World War I?
Effects of World War I on America
EyeWitness to History, Attack at Pearl Harbor
Where were you on Dec. 7 1941?
Franklin D. Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Speech
Ration Books
Walking Home
Internment Camps
It's Not Fair
Schools in the 1940's
American History
Kids during World War 2

Civil Rights
Civil Rights Videos and Activities:
Brown Vs. Board of Education BrainPop
Civil Rights BrainPop
Martin Luther King Jr. BrainPop
Time Machine: 1956
March toward Freedom
Label the Civil Rights Timeline
Civil Rights Quiz
Martin Luther King Jr. Photo Gallery
Little Rock 9 Video
Civil Rights Research:
Eye Witness to History Ku Klux Klan
Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement
Civil Rights Timelin
Martin Luther King Jr.
Rosa Parks
Freedom Riders
PBS Freedom Riders
Separation is not Equal
Segregation of Schools Brown Vs Board of Education
Schooling Little Rock 9
American History 1960's