Adaptations Advertisement PBL

How can we as designers create a product and advertisement for an adventure traveler that helps them mimic plant and animal adaptations in a specific biome?


behavioral and structural adaptations
animal adaptations
examples of adaptations

Ecosystems Research
Savannah Grasslands
Savannah - world biomes
Savannah - thinkquest

Tropical rain forest
rainforest world biomes

desert world biomes
Deserts - Death valley

Arctic Tundra
Tundra world biomes

cave ecosystem
caves - thinkquest

Marine - world biomes
ocean - earthkids

Alpine Tundra
Alpine Tundra

Plants and Animals research:

Savannah Grasslands
animal and plans adaptations - grasslands
grassland animals
adaptations of an african lion
African and Australian animal adaptations
enchanted learning grassland adaptation

Tropical rain forest
exploring the environment
rain forest animals
animal adaptations rain forest
plant adaptations

animals of the desert
desert animal survival
desert animal adaptations
exploring the environment
animal planet desert animals
exploring the environment - deserts
How does a cactus survive in the desert?

Arctic Tundra
exploring the environment - arctic
penguin adaptation

Click on the 10 pages to see various adaptations of Arctic animals. animal planet arctic
thinkquest arctic animals
national geographic arctic animals

animals with no eyes
Click on the movie link at the top of the page for windows media player cave animal adaptations
national geographic caves

adaptations for marine organisms
oceanic research
squid national geographic
artificial bigness

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